The credentialing process involves verifying a provider’s background and qualifications for providing health services. Payers require verification of a provider’s education, experience, training, certification, and more. This process is complex, time-consuming, and exhausting. Taking this all on yourself costs time and attention away from your practice operations and your patients. With CredentialingOne, we do all the work! Our credentialing services are done by industry experts with the knowledge and technology to alert you every step of the way.

New Practice Credentialing

Let our experts remove the headache of filling out provider credentialing paperwork by cutting through all the red tape for you. Our automation technology autopopulates credentialing forms and our experienced staff ensures your submitted application gets processed. (Credentialing Process) Simply review the documentation and sign (if required) for submission.  

Existing Practice Credentialing

A practice, group, or facility must have all providers’ and locations’ NPIs credentialed and contracted with payers. It is not unusual for a practice without a credentialing program to fail to add any new locations or plans to their existing agreements. These types of omissions will result in denied claims and lost revenue. 

We will prevent these issues by obtaining a Type 2 NPI for your locations and completing all required applications and demographic changes for your payers. Our team will follow the credentialing and contracting through until the new location and providers are loaded in the payer system for claims processing. 

Medical Doctors | Nurse Practitioners | Physician Assistants | Physical Therapists | Speech Therapists | Audiologists | Behavioral Health Specialists | Occupational Therapists | Tele Health | Dentists

credentialing process

Additional Benefits

  • Primary-source verify credentials
  • Stay informed every step of the way with our alerts and reports
  • No need to hire and train additional employee(s) to manage your future credentialing and contracting
  • Utilize our services as temporary staffing for credentialing and enrollment
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CredentialingOne can help you avoid these and other errors that lead to denials and underpayments:


An incorrect entry in the insurance plan's billing system


Incorrect practice or facility data when submitting a claim


Expired licenses, certificates, or insurance

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