Frequently asked questions

What is credentialing?

Credentialing is a term that usually encompasses two separate processes: credentialing and privileging.

Credentialing: Primary source verification of a health care practitioner’s education, training, work experience, license, etc.

Privileging: Granting approval for an individual to perform a specific procedure or specific set of procedures based on documented competence in the specialty in which privileges are requested.

Being credentialed with insurance panels means you are able to see patients who have specific insurance plans and bill those insurance companies for the services you render. This can greatly increase the number of patients who can access your services.

Do you have experience credentialing providers in my specialty?

If you are eligible to be credentialed, we can help!
We have credentialed healthcare providers of many types including, but not limited to, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, OT, PT, ST, and dentists.

How long does the credentialing process take with CredentialingOne?

The credentialing process generally takes between 120 and 150 days for new providers. CredentialingOne wastes no time getting your applications completed and submitted and we regularly follow up with insurance companies to make sure that your credentialing applications are processed and approved in a timely matter.

What exactly is a panel?

When we use the term “panel” we are using an abbreviation for “insurance panel,” which is the group of doctors who are networked with the insurance company and able to provide services for patients covered by that insurance.

What if I don’t know which panels in my area are best for me?

Let CredentialingOne help!
One of our specialists will talk with you by phone and can help you select the panels best suited