CredentialingOne – New Credentialing Outsourcing Company Powered by HealthWare Systems

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CredentialingOne – New Credentialing Outsourcing Company Powered by HealthWare Systems


Elgin, IL:  HealthWare Systems has launched a new credentialing outsourcing company, CredentialingOne. The new organization is powered by HealthWare Systems’ robotic process automation technology.

CredentialingOne manages all tasks required for provider credentialing and enrollment, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, obtaining hospital privileges, primary source verification, CAQH registration, and more. The company also provides credentialing-related special projects or overflow services.

The logo of credentialing outsourcing company CredentialingOne.

CredentialingOne – Credentialing Outsourcing Company Powered by HealthWare Systems

HealthWare’s technology enables the dedicated and experienced staff at CredentialingOne to streamline both the initial credentialing process and ongoing credentialing maintenance for individual providers and healthcare organizations of all sizes.

CredentialingOne’s technology solutions include deficiency management tracking that monitors providers’ and hospitals’ expirables (e.g. CE credits, certificates, licenses, malpractice insurance), forms automation software for completing applications quickly and accurately, and an automated alert system to help ensure providers meet deadlines.

“Proper credentialing is critical to a healthy revenue cycle. As a provider of revenue cycle management solutions, it made sense for us to expand the use of our technology into the credentialing services sector,” stated Steve Gruner, CEO and Founder of HealthWare Systems.

“Our ActiveWARE products have a long history of improving revenue integrity and increasing physician satisfaction. CredentialingOne has created a great opportunity for us to help physicians and other providers in a whole new way.”

Mark Hobgood (CredentialingOne’s Director of Credentialing Services) said he looks forward to utilizing HealthWare’s innovative technology in conjunction with his expert staff of credentialing professionals:

“Our Credentialing Specialists have nationwide experience with credentialing, enrollments, privileging, and PSV for all types of providers and practices. Coupling their industry knowledge with HealthWare Systems’ automation technology has produced an ideal solution for those who no longer wish to manage the complexities of credentialing and compliance themselves.”

To learn more about the credentialing outsourcing company, visit where you will find further details about CredentialingOne’s services as well as educational resources to help navigate the credentialing and enrollment process.

About HealthWare Systems:


HealthWare Systems is a leading provider of fully integrated, customizable workflow solutions and Revenue Cycle Management software. We specialize in applying robotic process automation (RPA) to healthcare processes to improve both the patient experience and the revenue cycle. Our ActiveWARE suite of products manages pre-arrival, financial assistance, early out, collections, denial management, claims follow-up, and more, and is proven to maximize productivity and profitability so that healthcare teams have more time and resources to spend on quality care.

About CredentialingOne:


CredentialingOne relieves the stress of credentialing and compliance. Our experienced staff and technology manage this complex and time-consuming process for you, so you can focus on patient care. We offer exclusive technology solutions for quicker application turnaround times. Our forms automation saves time, prevents errors, and ensures consistent documentation. Our alert system notifies practices of upcoming expiration dates at 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expirations. GET CREDENTIALED FASTER… With our secure, cloud-based technology platform you can start practicing and billing payers as soon as possible.

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Name: Stephanie Salmich Organization: HealthWare Systems Address: 2205 Point Boulevard, Suite 160, Elgin, IL 60123 Phone: (847) 649-5100

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