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Our Technology Platform

CredentialingOne provides a robust software solution for credentialing management.

 Our secure, cloud-based technology platform streamlines credentialing while preventing and quickly resolving deficiencies - all while updating you throughout the entire process.

We can work with your credentialing team to enhance your current processes using our technology.

If your practice has outgrown your credentialing team, CredentialingOne is your external credentialing solution. 

How We Use
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Credentialing and Maintenance Bots automate the search and capture of provider enrollment data across key websites. Websites to validate medical licenses, DEA, CDS, and OIG can be automated for query and capture. Captured results are posted to the source system for review/processing.

Bots for monitoring websites for adverse actions, continuing education credits, and a host of other purposes make the credentialing process easier and less labor-intensive.


Our Technology Benefits

Automating Repetitive Credentialing Tasks with RPA


Human Error

 Reduce how often your employees manually input data. Human data entry errors on applications lead to denials and underpayments. Our software bots do all the work, accurately and automatically. 

Maximize Employee


Engage employees with mission-critical work, optimizing their skillsets, instead of focusing on mundane, time-consuming credentialing tasks that can be easily automated.

Improve Speed

& Efficiency

RPA speeds-up and streamlines data collection. Freeing employees rom repetitive desk work elevates job satisfaction and creates a more efficient workplace.


on Patients

 Our credentialing software saves employees time, which they can devote to more valuable and engaging work like interacting with patients and delivery quality care.


Operational Costs

Utilizing software robots is more affordable than hiring, training, housing, and paying humans to do repetitive, manual credentialing tasks.

HIPAA Compliance &

Strengthen Security

All bot activity is tracked and documented. RPA follows all protocols/permissions for a normal user and meets the facility's data integrity rules/conditions. 

Simply Put, Our Technology
Streamlines the Credentialing Process

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