Hospital / Facility Privileges

Hospital privilege applications can be lengthy and time consuming.  

Let the staff at CredentialingOne help you organize, prepare, and monitor your necessary privilege applications.


on Patients

For many facility staff, credentialing takes about 20 hours per provider! By eliminated this task, staff can now be re-focused on improving patient care. 

Keeping Physicians Compliant

We are dedicated to keeping providers compliant and making sure they do not miss credentialing deadlines that are vital to the health of their practice and careers.


Credentialing Staff

We're experienced, fast and transparent with a personal touch. You work directly with your own credentialing specialist, who is available to answer any of your questions.

Types of Hospital Privileges

Hospital privileges authorize a provider to deliver a specific scope of services at a particular medical facility.

To be considered, a provider must complete the hospital’s application process. 

If physicians don’t have hospital privileges, they can’t provide services to patients.

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Admitting Privileges

The provider can admit patients into the hospital or healthcare facility

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Courtesy Privileges

The provider can occasionally treat or admit patients into the hospital or healthcare facility

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Surgical Privileges

The provider can perform outpatient or operating room surgeries 

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SIMPLIFYING the Process of Obtaining Hospital Privileges

Physicians can spend enormous amounts of time and energy filling out piles of paperwork and gathering all of the correct and complete information to obtain their hospital privileges.


When mistakes are made, physicians and hospitals run the risk of delivering practices they’re not licensed to perform which can then lead to costly liabilities and diminished reputations.

Outsource the task of obtaining hospital privileges to CredentialingOne. We submit all credentialing paperwork completely and accurately for physicians, hospitals, and medical practices. 


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