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What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is a method of verifying that healthcare professionals are certified. It confirms that they have gone through formal training and are qualified to treat patients. The process requires extensive paperwork and multiple steps. It takes anywhere from 90-150 days. Any delays could impact a healthcare practitioner’s ability to legally practice medicine and may impact your ability to reclaim costs via insurance.

Taking this all on yourself costs time and attention away from your practice operations and your patients. 

With CredentialingOne, we do all the work!

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How We Make Credentialing Simple

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Primary Source Verification

PSV protects your patients’ safety by helping to ensure your practitioners are qualified to care for them. It also protects your organization from legal risks and compliance issues.

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No need to hire and train additional employees to manage your future credentialing and contracting.

By outsourcing to us, our team becomes an extension of yours!

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Prevent Errors &
Save Time

Our software ensures consistent documentation standards by auto-populating your data on documents and applications. 

All you have to do is sign!

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Personal Credentialing

You will have one contact person to help personalize your experience. No call center wait line - you work directly with your own specialist.


Alert System &

Keep staff in compliance with alert notifications before any expiration deadlines. Our system notifies your providers and practices 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expirations.

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 Maximum Reimbursement

We can enroll a FQHC facility and a provider with insurance companies to maximize reimbursement.

In-network providers are paid at the maximum allowable for procedures.



New & Existing


The credentialing process involves verifying a provider’s background and qualifications for providing health services. Payers require verification of a provider’s education, experience, training, certification, and more.

Let our experts remove the headache of filling out provider credentialing paperwork by cutting through all the red tape for you.

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Hospitals & Large Healthcare Providers

Reduce your administrative overhead expense and keep operations running smoothly by outsourcing credentialing with us.


To be credentialed as a facility there are numerous requirements and standards to follow. Due to its complexity, facilities should begin the credentialing process a minimum of 120 days prior to when they wish to accept payments from payers.

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From completing documentation and submitting applications, to following up on them until each provider has an effective start date with each payer, to the ongoing credentialing maintenance needed to keep payers and practices compliant with health plans.

Simply Put, We Handle the Credentialing
Process from Start to Finish.